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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hen Weekend!

Well hello there strangers! Before I begin to tell you about my AMAZING hen do, I just wanted to address my absence... I have taken a little time to take stock and really think about my (well our little families) future and what might lay ahead. Its been a little stressful at times but I'm now back feeling refreshed and full of lots of ideas! Sometimes you just need a little time to un-muddle all those thoughts whirling around your head!

Anyway back to the hen do! I know your supposed to be like "what happens on the hen do, stays on the hen do" but with as with all our little events in life we have decided to share them with you. Now my hen was a very tame affair, nice and relaxed, spending the day with my favourite girls - exactly how I wanted it to be!

In the morning, 8:20 to be exact, friends started to arrive at mine. I hadn't been told a single thing about the day, just certain things I would need to bring with me (some of these things gave me a little hint of the potential days events). We were then collected by a bus(!) and whisked off to the mystery location. Only it wasn't a mystery,  just as we were leaving my dog, lady tried to follow us and my mum pipes up "Oh look, Lady wants to come for a spa day" - typical mother!!!

We soon arrived to a beautiful location, Clarice House in Bury St Edmunds. It was a gorgeous building in a setting surrounded by trees, it felt all so calming already!  We settled down in the lounge area, for tea, toast and scones before we set off to be pampered.

We then meandered down to the pool area, to chill out before the treatments started! I was thoroughly spoilt by my hens, they set me up with their top package and I well and truly enjoyed every moment of the day. I started my treatments with a full body aromatherapy massage. It was blissful. I was a little nervous as I have never had a "full body" massage, so was a little anxious as to what it would entail. But it was perfect, completely chilled me out and the therapist made me feel completely at ease. 

(Fresh faced girls!!!)

Then it was time for lunch!!! I have to say it was delicious, I couldn't complain about a single thing, plus the Prosecco went down a treat! Then it was time for some more treatments, next, for me, I had a full facial. 55 heavenly minutes! I have to say this was my favourite treatment, it completely relaxed me and made my skin feel amazing. I would love to have these more regularly! Then to round up I had a Gelish manicure and a pedi too! So I really was pampered from head to toe! I hope the rest of the girls enjoy their treatments, I know I would love to go again!!

We then got ready for the evening part of the hen do, again I was completely in the dark! Whilst we were waiting for what I thought was the bus, was in actual fact a limo!! I felt 16 again ready for school prom!! 

After a little boogie in the limo we headed to Cafe Rouge, for dinner and giggles! The girls had even gone to the extent of decorating our space, so sweet! As the evening went on, I had some more guest's arrive, that made my day.

Then of course, we had a little dance and some silly games... I will leave those to your imagination! I want to thank all my beautiful friends and family that attended and made the day so very special, it was exactly what I wanted! And a very big thank you to one of my bridesmaids Lou who organised everything so brilliantly putting the perfect touches to every part of the day!

I feel like a very lucky lady!

Mummy B xoxox

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