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Monday, 21 July 2014

GM Diet/Cleanse // Day Two

Today has been a little tough, I like my vegetables, but not for breakfast, lunch and tea! I thought today would be one of the easier days, but I just feel very lethargic this evening, may be its just the Monday feeling...

So here is a quick glance at today

Start weight: 165lbs
Current weight: 162lbs

Breakfast: Steamed vegetable stir fry (no oil!!) and one large glass of water.
Lunch: Half baked potato, peppers, sweetcorn, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber. Two large glasses of water.
Dinner: Half baked potato and Mediterranean grilled vegetables. Two large glasses of water.

Notes: Like I said today was tough, but I'm pleased with the progress. I have lost 3lbs since I tried my dress on, on Saturday so thats a lb a day. Not bad going. I felt more hungry today and a lot more tired, perhaps I didn't snack enough! Tomorrow is veg and fruit day... bring it on!

Mummy B xoxox


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