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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Enjoying our home, Norfolk

When reading Kerri's blog Ginger Lilly Tea and her recent trip to Norfolk with her beautiful girls, it reminded me how much I love living in Norfolk. Having not even been home a week from honeymoon, it was a lovely to read someone's enjoyment of place in which I live and certainly didn't make me feel sad to be back home. 

Yesterday we spent some quality time with the family, it was Jamie's last day off after nearly three weeks. We decided to go for a family walk, and took our dog Lady to Santon Downham. Santon Downham is perfect for the whole family, it has a lovely walk along the river, you can walk through the woods or even have a splash or swim in the river if you're feeling adventurous! 

Lady was feeling especially adventurous, she never normally likes water but was completely lapping it up today! 

After Lady had finished playing in the river we headed for a walk through the woods. We managed to find blackberries and some pinecones too, though Darcie was way more interested in the blackberries!

Picking blackberries also meant that we ticked another item off the National Trust's "50 Things" (read more about this initiative HERE). 

It was so nice to feel like we were really appreciating our home, in fact I feel really lucky sometimes that we have all these beautiful places virtually on our door step!

Where is your favourite place in your local area?

Mummy B xoxox

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