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Thursday, 7 August 2014

St. Ives Honeymoon - Day 1-5

Snuggled in our little cottage (The Little Snug!) I thought I would spend some time writing down a few of our memories. We have had an amazing time so far and I'm loving being in our wedding/honeymoon bubble!

So, our trip down here was an interesting one! Jamie got very sleepy so we had to stop off in Windsor. Whilst he had a nap and me and Darcie played in a park, a very nice park I may add! I knew tho would happen as we were a little silly to have made that trip the day after our wedding! You live and learn peeps! After his nap we headed off again and ended up arriving at 11pm. The cottage is just perfect, completely to our taste and is in such a fantastic location!

On our first full day (Monday), we decided to stay in St. Ives and explore. 

The Harbour area is beautiful, we love it when the tide goes out, it is the perfect conditions for toddlers to splash around in the shallow  puddles! After playing around on the beach and browsing the many wonderful shops, we headed to dinner at the 'Fire House Bar & Grill". The Food was delicious

On Tuesday we headed to Wadebridge towards the Camel Trail. Every year, as a child, we would either take our bikes or hire bikes and ride along the trail. I was soo excited to hop back on a bike and head towards Padstow. 

Whilst in Padstow we had an amazing lunch at the Habour Inn. I had a traditional Ploughmans and Jamie a Halloumi Salad, both were very tasty and full of fresh, local produce.

Wednesday, we spent a day on St. Ives beach, soaking up the sun and braving the beautiful clear (but chilly) water. Darcie has loved being by the sea, everyone morning the first thing she asks is "can we go to the beach?"- so sweet!

Today, Thursday, we spent at Polzeath beach. This is a place that is very special to me, I spent all my early childhood summers here when my parents were together (they separated when is was 9) and  so have many memories here. One thing I always looked forward to when I became a mother was the day I would take Darcie to Polzeath and today that little dream came true! We sunbathed, made sandcastles, surfed and even bought matching wetsuits!

So far are honeymoon has been perfect! I'm feeling very lucky right now! Plus we still have another week here!! Lots more adventures to come!

Mummy B xoxox


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