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Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Busy Bowl Activity

I'm naming this a "busy bowl activity" because its an activity, that keeps toddlers busy and I keep it to hand in a bowl - how ingenious am I?! (haha)

In the mad dash to get myself organised and ready to go back to work, I have had to spend a bit of time organising the blog so when I do go back I can concentrate on my first week back (as you read this I will be well under way at work!). Due to this, I have been doing some activities with Darcie that she can happily get on with whilst I tip tap away! 

One of these activities is actually very very simple. Someone actually suggested in on my Facebook Page! Its just a simple pasta jewellery making activity! In a bowl, I place a piece of string, a variety of tubed pasta and just let her get on with it! I keep it to hand so if I'm cooking dinner I can just get the bowl out of the cupboard and she is good to go.

Its a great activity for their fine motor skills and to keep them focused. Darcie loves it when she gets a couple on there, she is always proud of her little achievement!

What activities do you like to do to keep the little ones busy?

Mummy B xoxox

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