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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Darcie's Reads // The Little Bear Book

The Little Bear Book Review

The Little Bear Book by Anthony Browne is next on our Darcie's Reads feature. This book has been a favourite for a while as its such an enchanting story. The main reason we got this for Darcie was the stunning illustrations. 

Anthony Browns Little Bear Book

As you can see, the book has gorgeously large drawings that are very brightly coloured. The story itself is short, but really its the illustrations that tell the story. 

The little bear is a dab hand at drawing, when he stumbles across several animals he ends up drawing just what they need. It's very much a story where art comes to life on each and every page. The ending is really clever too!

great books for toddlers

This fun story is such a joy to read, its brilliant for those tots with active imaginations too.

I hope you're enjoying this weekly feature. Me and Darcie would love to know your favourite books and authors, please feel free to leave your recommendations below.

Mummy B xoxox

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