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Friday, 19 September 2014

Our Wedding Day // Hair & Make-up

Here is a post for all you beauty junkies out there! Finding a makeup artist was something I really did take some time over, I wanted to make sure I got the right look for the day. I did think about doing my own, but I wanted to make sure the morning was as stress free as possible. So when I was doing my usual morning routine whilst getting ready for work, doing my make-up whilst catching up with my favourite YouTube channels, Jessica popped up. I have been following Jessica for such a long time, I knew her cousin very well at college and then discovered she had a blog and channel. Jessica is such a pro when it comes to make up, especially for a natural look that I was so desperately after.

Normally, I wear quite a lot of makeup. I like wearing a full coverage foundation along with bronzer, contouring and blush and everything else to cover up evidence of being up all night with a two year old! But for my wedding day I wanted something different, something especially for Jamie. Jamie always says how he prefers me with less or no makeup, he loves my freckles (which I'm not keen on) so I thought I would go for a very natural look.

Jessica used Bare Minerals as my base and whilst it looked like I wasn't wearing makeup my skin looked incredible! I was thoroughly impressed and wouldn't mind exploring the Bare Minerals brand further. She also used a few Mac eyeshadows, I was very envious of her impressive pallets! 

So thank you Jessica for getting the perfect look for the day!

Now for my hair, which is something that everyone has commented on! My lovely, very amazing and patient hairdresser Donna, created something truly special for my day and I was so, so, so pleased with the final look. We had a trial of a style that I thought I wanted, you know, the usual curly updo. But the more and more I thought about it, I knew it wasn't really me. So on the day we decided to do this...

To achieve this look, Donna firstly curled the entirety of my hair. She then carefully pinned sections before the creating the fish tail braid. It's definitely not something I have seen many brides go for, but its certainly my kind of style!

Each of my bridesmaids went for something different and each of them looked gorgeous.

Donna has always been so patient with me, she has her own little salon at her home. For my trials and previous hair appointments, I have always had Darcie with me. Having a two year old running around like a loon could be disastrous when having your hair done, but Donna has always made me and Darcie feel very comfortable - best hairdresser ever!

For my last wedding post, tomorrow,  I will share with you our favourite snaps!

Happy Friday all.

Mummy B xoxox

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