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Friday, 3 October 2014

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routine at two years old

It has been about two months now since we discovered a magic element that was previously missing from Darcie's bedtime routine. However, I post this with great caution hoping I won't jinx it! Before this "magic element", we tried all the usual things to help Darcie fall asleep. The only thing that would work is if either me or Jamie laid by her side till she fell asleep. Whilst, yes, this is lovely, it could take two hours. It got to the point where is was exhausting and actually quite stressful - not a good environment to be falling asleep in!

Then one evening I had a eureka moment. Why doesn't another member of our family have a go at comforting her? No, I didn't call in the Grandparents, I let Lady (our dog) come into her room. This maybe very controversial, but to us was a no brainer. Darcie and Lady have a very special bond. Lady is patient and doting and Darcie adores spending lots of time with her best furry friend. Lady doesn't go in her bed, she simply lays by her door and thats all Darcie needs and she falls asleep by herself. No crying, no tantrums and no two hour battles. Its like we now have our evenings back, and we can have some much needed chill time. Of course occasionally we still have some difficult evenings, if she has had a nap during the day sometimes it takes her a little longer to settle. Or if she is feeling unwell, but, on the whole - its so much better!

So how does our routine go now she is two?

  • Bath
  • Snuggle time on the sofa with a cup of milk  
  • Two stories in bed
  • Her night music comforter gets turned on
  • We say our goodnights and "love you's"
  • I turn her light off and leave her and lady to settle
  • After 10mins I check to make sure she is asleep and then Lady comes back down stairs

Its completely magical to see their bond, just knowing Lady is near her room is enough for Darcie to feel safe and comforted. So for me and Jamie we are pretty indebted to our amazing doggy!

Does your child have a special bond with their pet? Or does your child have any unusual ways of comforting themselves at bedtime?

Mummy B xoxox

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