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Sunday, 19 October 2014

#OvernightCoffee Thermos Winter Showcase

Yesterday I was incredibly lucky to have been invited to Prufrock Coffee by Thermos to discover the art of coffee and their fantastic winter product showcase. It was an early start, with a 6:40 am train journey into London - the first time I have visited London all on my todd! Being a little unsure where the venue was located, I wanted to give myself enough time if I got lost! But, apparently I'm an expert navigator and arrived in plenty of time! On arrival we were greeted to humongous pastries and asked to try some coffee which had been in the Thermos 1.2l Vacuum Insulated Beverage Flask since yesterday evening. The coffee was very hot and deliciously smooth. 

After we spent some time introducing each other we were sent down for our Masterclass with the amazing team at Prufrock Coffee. Until now, I never had appreciated how much there is to coffee and the beauty and complexity surrounding it. We were taught how to be coffee connoisseurs, learning about different aromas, flavour, colour etc. It was very much like going to a wine tasting experience - with the added coffee buzz! I certainly didn't think I was much of a coffee snob until now either! 

Did you know you should slurp coffee when taste testing? Just like wine!

This was my favourite of the bunch!
After learning all we needed to know about the ins and outs of coffee it was then our turn to become coffee Barista's, making espressos and foam art. Again, I had no idea how much goes into making 'proper' coffee, of course I had watched them in coffee shops - but they all seem so natural they made it look effortless. I failed miserably at the espresso task, I didn't put the correct amount of water in. Whoops. But it was so enjoyable, and like I said, learning about all the different stages, the grinding of the bean, weighing the coffee, the filtering process and the timings of a good espresso were all very interesting. 

Next was foam art, and apparently I'm a natural. I could of even made into the finals in a barista competition - I'm unsure if he was being sarcastic but a lot of what he said good foam art had to include I (must of been a fluke) managed to do! Hurrah! So what makes good foam art? Not too many bubbles, shiny froth, and good contrast of colours. My task was to make a tulip - it was a tiny one, but it was a tulip! 

Towards the end of the Masterclass we were then introduced to the winter product showcase, including the Thermos 1.2l Vacuum Insulated Beverage Flask (£24.99-30 RRP), Thermos 470ml Vacuum Travel Tumbler and also the Travel Mug (£30 RRP each), all of which are available from Argos, Debenhams, John Lewis and The design of the flasks are still very clearly Thermos, I think their branding keeps to their classic style whilst incorporating some modern touches - like the option of colours, the matt black finish being my favourite. On departure they handed us, very kindly, a goody bag to take home along with the Vacuum Insulated Flask with coffee they had freshly brewed for us to take home for our #OvernightCoffee challenge.

So, this morning I put the flask to the challenge. Waking up to coffee on my bedside table was pretty lush to be honest, but how did it taste? And more importantly was it still hot? The first thing I noticed was the lid hadn't been put on as tightly as I probably would have, so I was very sceptical and didn't think it would be hot. The coffee however was warm, and very drinkable - but again I think it would of been warmer if the lid had been put on more tightly (but I won't hold that against them!). Overall I have been very impressed, it would make the perfect addition to family days out, weekends away and camping - and the travel mug will allow me to enjoy for favourite cuppa on the go, perfect for a busy mum! Whats more, if you are struggling for Christmas present ideas, this is the perfect present for coffee lovers. 

I'm now looking forward to making my favourite coffee's, hot chocolates and soups to keep me warm over the winter months - someone at the event even suggested mulled wine, which is totally up my street! 

Mummy B xoxox

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