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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

P.Y.O at White House Farm, Norfolk

This afternoon we spent some quality time as a family, wandering around orchards and pumpkin patches at White House Farm, Norfolk. I had been searching for a place to take Darcie for a while now, and managed to stumble upon this this place online. I'm so glad I did, because its such a wonderful little find.

The whole place has been well set up, with a beautiful cafe offering tasty cakes, coffee's and even there own apple juice. We decided to make a beeline to the apple orchards to fill our bag with delicious apple treats!

There were soo many different varieties to choose from, including eating and cooking apples. Unfortunately we had discovered this place late in the season so there wasn't a lot left, but will still managed to fill a bag full! It was so much fun, foraging for apples, teaching Darcie about where her food comes from and generally goofing around!

We also took a turn around the pumpkin patch, unfortunately, again, we were beaten to it with most of the orange pumpkins already gone! We can't wait to come back again through various times of year to see what we can find.

 If your thinking of cheap activities to do with your little one, this is definitely worth a visit!

Hope everyones having a fab half term.

Mummy B xoxox


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