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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Potty Training

Potty training a two year old - toddler lead

Well, we have entered the realm of potty training, actually we have skipped the potty and gone straight to the toilet! Several months ago we made a start by introducing her to the toilet and potty, every morning and night we would pop her on just so she could get used to the idea. We didn't push her, just let her get a feel for it. About a month ago, Darcie started to ask to go to the toilet a lot more and last week she was asking every time she needed to go. Yesterday was a big step, when picking Darcie up from nursery they told me just how well she was doing and they decided to put her in knickers. She had no accidents! We are now continuing wearing knickers during the day and nappies at night. It such a big step in the right direction and I just can't believe how well she is doing.

I have heard so many  Mums tell me their horror stories, or worrying about how they don't seem to be getting there. My advice would be to, take a step back and let them lead the way. Forcing the issue when a child isn't ready, really means you're just setting yourself up to fail. Look for the tell tale signs that they are ready...

Signs your toddler is ready to be potty trained

  • They can tell you they are going - I noticed Darcie would squat and then look at me and say "I wee/poop now". They should appear that they are conscious that they're "going".
  • Takes pride in accomplishments - If your toddler thrives on rewards or just simply understands when they have done something good, it makes it a whole lot easier to encourage them to use the toilet/potty.
  • Has dry periods - If your toddler can go for long periods of time with a dry nappy, indicates that they are able to hold their bladder.
  • Age - May seem obvious, but some people may try to potty train at a very young age, but physically they may just not be ready. It can take a child till they are 18 months to have the physical capabilities to hold their bladder. 
  • Willingness to learn - Darcie liked to go on the toilet and took great interest in the whole "process", if your toddler is willing to sit on the toilet/potty then certainly encourage it. However, if they refuse or show restraint, then leave it for another month and try again then.
I hope this puts you at ease and gives you some clues as to when your toddler might be ready. One thing, I think, is to just not stress about it - especially as they can pick up on that too. The idea of potty training when Darcie was a lot younger, really did hit me with fear! I just felt so clueless, but in reality, as with most things, they really do just work it out for themselves!

I will make sure I will do an update soon to let you know how she is getting on. Hope you're having a fab week.

Mummy B xoxox

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