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Saturday, 13 December 2014


Today, whilst in town doing a spot of Christmas shopping, Darcie asked if we could have cake. I told her that was a fantastic idea, but even better it we baked our own. A huge grin spread across her face and replied "yes please mummy". With that we headed home to bake. 

We just used whatever ingredients we had. So we opted for vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter icing topped with edible glitter. Nice and simple, but completely delicious. There is nothing better on a cold and frosty day, than to go home to the warmth and make yourself some scrumptious treats whilst listening to Christmas music. Followed by a Christmas film snuggled on the sofa being eating a cupcake, or two!

As we baked, I thought this would be a fab time to tell about how we have been selected to be apart of the Taste100 Network for the Happy Egg Company. We have a couple of recipes that we are going to try out and share with you over the Christmas period - so be sure to look out for those future posts. I was super happy (pun intended) when they contacted me, as its a company I genuinely love. I feel quite strongly about where my eggs come from, and would always buy free ranged. In fact if I don't get eggs from my parents chickens I have always bought 'Happy Eggs' for the last couple of years! Using these kind of ingredients, seemingly make for a happy two year old too!

Have you been baking with your little ones over the Christmas period? I would love you to share your recipes/posts with me.

Mummy B xoxox

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