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Sunday, 25 January 2015

52 Week Photography Challenge | Week 4 - Light

Welcome back to week four of the 52 Week Photography Challenge, this weeks theme is light. I had so many idea's for this weeks theme, I really wanted to capture the late afternoon sun and a beautiful silhouette of trees. This week has been really tough as I have just been so drained, I literally have got home from work and just crashed! So unfortunately, I didn't get to go to my favourite spot to capture this. However, I did get a shot of late afternoon sun, shining through our little tree in our Garden. I really love the colours in this picture, so pretty!

Thank you again for linking up last week, again, no photo the same! So I am really looking forward to everyones pictures for this weeks theme. As always, please make sure you leave some comments, its great to share the love and/or tips - its a great opportunity to learn from one another. For example, I would love to know what camera you used to shoot this weeks photo. I used my Canon EOS 600d with my 50mm lens.

Next weeks theme is 'Lifestyle'.

Mummy B xoxox

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