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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Darcie's Good Reads | An Amazing Snowman

Darcie was really lucky over Christmas and got quite a few brilliant books. Darcie loves her books and has her own personal favourites that she asks for over and over again. This latest book to her collection, An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Jean Hicks & illustrated by Olga T. Mosqueda, it has been read every single night since Christmas.

If your child is a Frozen fan, or should I say an Olaf fan, then this book is sure to be a hit. The story is basic, following Olaf and how he see's the world, but the illustrations are just beautiful. Darcie got a couple of other 'Frozen' books, but this one is just that little bit more special because the illustrations are just so exquisite. 

Even though we have read it every night, when I turn over the last page she is already asking to read it again. Thats a true sign of a good book! 

Did your little ones get any books for Christmas?

Mummy B xoxo

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