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Monday, 12 January 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #2

For this weeks ordinary moment, simply just melted my heart. Again. I think that's one thing about being a parent, these little moments just jump out of know where and completely blow you away.

This moment happened whilst we were swimming on Sunday. We are really trying to encourage Darcie to become more confident in the water as we haven't taken her very often. Bad parent alert! But we have been for the last two weekends and we love it. Darcie has always loved water and has never really been scared or intimidated by it, I think its really important your child learns to swim its such a vital "life skill" - plus its lots of fun! Anyway, we were busy playing away and Darcie had started to swim (with armbands) between me and Jamie. When I say swim I mean she we give her a little push so she glides through the water and then she kicks away... She suddenly then shouted "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVEEER" in true Tangled style (if you have seen the film you will know what I mean!) and me and Jamie just grinned like big kids! She then threw her arms around mine and Jamie's necks and planted two huge kisses on each of our cheeks. 

Whilst this is a moment was such a lovely one, I couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt at the same time. Darcie clearly loves to swim that I wish we had taken her more during her little life! We will certainly be making up for lost time.

Does you little one/s like to swim??

Mummy B xoxox

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