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Monday, 2 February 2015

{Me & Mine 15} January

Here is my picture for Me and Mine! I have decided to link up with Dear Beautiful for the Me & Mine Link up. We are terrible at getting photo's with all of us in and to be honest this month has been no different!! As you may have guessed from my lack of blog posts, I haven't been feeling too good and all my energy is seemingly zapped out of me by 4pm when I seemingly transform into a zombie state. So this photo I have used is from News Years Day when we were all feeling a little bit more alive and full of excitement for what this year may bring. And it is literally the only photo taken this month of the three of us!! I'm hoping as the months go by, I will get into the habit of taking more photos of us all. 

I also noticed that with this link up you include a round up of what you have all been up to, so here goes...

In January I...

Have been feeling a little bit rubbish.
Booked our trip to Disneyland for NEXT MONTH!
Have been enjoying Breaking Bad.
Listened to the 'Sleep' playlist of Spotify to relax.

In January Jamie...

Been running, lots! 
Beaten his PB for 5k twice this month.
Has been enjoying Breaking Bad too. We have been binge watching!
Reading a story about the TT (he does love his Bikes).

In January Darcie

Has been loving the (little) snow.
Dancing to Taylor Swift's Shake it off.
Singing to Ed Sheeran's Album.
Learning to spell three letter words on an app on my phone.

Look forward to linking up again next month!

Mummy B xoxox

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