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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Five playground games for little ones

Another wonderful guest post from the lovely Mary.

5 Playground Games For Little Ones 
When the garden is overgrown after a winter of neglect, and it’s too wet and wild for the children, the playground becomes an essential destination for helping to burn off some of that excess energy. 
There’s sometimes nothing worse than being stuck inside with bored little ones. Whilst you try and think up any form of entertainment that might help pass an hour at least. 
But despite the wet weather the Playground is the perfect place to develop some essential skills for youngsters such as balance and co-ordination. 
So when the going gets tough inside, pop on their wellie boots and wrap them up for an afternoon of play. 

You’re IT 
Getting active along with the children can benefit you and them. 
You can burn off a few calories whilst they have an absolute fun time with their mum. 
Playing tag is one of the activities that will get you both running around, much to their hilarity as you try and tag them. 
They’ll be running around in fits of giggles before you can say ‘Your IT’, and you’ll feel great for being outside and enjoying quality time with them. 
Who needs a gym when you’ve got a little one to run after? 

Colourful Chalk 
If your youngster is the creative type then grab some coloured chalks and set-off to beautify the playground. 
Letting me release their inner artist will encourage them to be confident in the activities they enjoy the most. Just don’t forget to take along some water to wash it away, as many local councils may frown on any leftover artwork. 
Just in case perhaps call the local council and suggest an area for creative chalk play. 
Colourful art should be encouraged and can brighten up some of the dullest parks. 

A Mini Circuit 
There is so much to do at the playground from swings to slides, to monkey bars, to roundabouts. 
Instead of following them around idly, create a mini circuit and time them to see how fast they can do it all. 
They will love the challenge and find it fun to know you’re helping them.
Giving them the chance to use all that the playground has to offer, is a great way of making them use and improve multiple skills. 
If you want to know about other activities that can help them with life skills, there are various articles online such as this one, which can tell you about the benefits of outside play. 

Kick or Throw 
Ball games are always the easy way out when it comes to playground games, but hand-eye co-ordination is a skill that ball games are great for. 
Whether you become their goalie, or you’re just playing a game of catch, ball games will make them concentrate on the task at hand and work with you. 
For much more fun, allow them to bring along a friend so they can do this with a team mate.

An Adventure for Explorers 
If your little ones get bored easily after a while in the playground, encourage their in explorers to take a nature trail. 
Help them find some treasures and wildlife that they can learn about. 
Whether you find a pretty flower to take home with you, or find a beautiful lady bug to watch. 
Showing them the wonders of the outdoors will make them feel as though they’re off on an adventure each time you visit the playground. 
Whichever game you decide to play just ensure you have done a quick safety check of the playground to ensure no little accidents may occur. 

If your local playground is not clean or safe encourage your local council to have it maintained by professionals such as these. A safe environment is a fun one, and it should be kept in pristine order for the community to enjoy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have, we love the nature trail idea and will be trying this out next weekend!

Mummy B xoxox

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