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Friday, 10 April 2015

50 things that make me happy

Helen from All the Beautiful Things has nominated me to take part in the 50 things that make me happy. I haven't done one of these types of posts in long time, so thought why not! It's a good thing to reflect and take note of all the little things that make you smile. Just a side note, these are in no particular order!

Here are my 50 things that make me happy

1. Lazy morning's with the family in bed.
2. Anything with peanut butter.
3. Flowers.
4. Nail Varnish.
5. Feeling baby #2 give me the loveliest little nudges.
6. Blogging.
7. Reading, blogs & books - though I need to do more of the latter.
8. Home interiors.
9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fact I had a slight obsession with the series back in the day!
10. Walking.
11. Watching Darcie play.
12. A nice cup of coffee.
13. A tidy house.
14. Getting a Scentsy delivery (I will be doing a post all about this soon!)
15. The way my Husband is with our daughter - like best buds.
16. Sunny Days.
17. Spring.
18. Autumn.
19. My day job and the people I work with.
20. Seeing old friends.
21. Photography.
22. Friends (TV series).
23. Spagetti Bolognese. 
24. Being organised (which needs to happen more!).
25. My Husbands smile.
26. My daughters humour.
27. Lady's (our dog) cuddles.
28. Spending time with my family.
29. Getting addicted to a TV series.
30. BBQ's in the garden.
31. Having a beach day.
33. Listening to music.
34. Colouring in. Yes, I'm a big kid!
35. Joules Clothing.
36. Eating out.
37. Trips to the Park.
38. Country fairs.
39. Cornwall.
40. Our wedding and honeymoon photo's.
41. Disneyland.
42. Sunday drives.
43. Making plans.
44. The summer holidays.
45. Christmas.
46. Being able to hang the washing outside. It's the little things.
47. Getting post/deliveries.
48. Having my hair done.
49. Having a bath with a Lush bath bomb.
50. Hearing my husband and daughter say "we love you".

I will now tag a few bloggers if they would like to have a bit of reflecting time. I tag;

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Mummy B xoxox


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