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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A happy girl makes a happy mummy {The Ordinary Moments - 2015}

I don't know if its the beautiful weather, my gorgeous smiley girl or the prospect of become a mummy of two, but at this present moment in time I am so incredibly happy. 

Every morning I wake up and I feel so positive about life and where we as a family are heading. There are of course things that worry me daily - like money, but that still doesn't stop me from thinking how incredibly lucky we are. This year has seen quite a lot of change and exciting new chapter's in our lives.

 Finding out I was finally going to be a mummy again in January really was just what I needed for those January blues. We hadn't been trying very long (six months), but because I fell immediately with Darcie, I instantly got myself all worked up each month when dreaded Aunt Flo arrived. To see those two lines appear on the screen literally made me jump for joy - I couldn't believe my luck. 

 Jamie will be soon starting a new role at work, which is his dream position and what he has been working so hard for. I'm so proud of him as it has been a long journey but he will be shortly starting this position which should lead to more exciting opportunities for him. I have also loved seeing him take more time to do the things he enjoys, like running - I think it's so important that even though you have become parents you should still do things for you. For me it's blogging, for Jamie its his sports!

We have also been lucky enough to have already had a holiday to Disneyland and a few weekends away, our recent trip was to Cheltenham, Cotswolds and Winchester to see friends and family. I hope that we will get a few more trips away this year, but I know with baby due in September that may be difficult. 

My smiley girl also puts me in a very good mood, she has so much character and is a true comedian. She baffles me with some of her little quips she comes out with, she is incredibly aware of the world around her and can read me very well knowing exactly the right thing to say and when. She is already feeling a sense of responsibility for her baby brother or sister, she has been amazingly helpful and caring which as put me at ease about how she may react to the baby once he or she is here. 

Finally, I am so pleased the warmer weather is seemingly here! Today we spent the morning in town and took a trip to the park. She spent ages running around, picking flowers (and being an incredible poser!), and  just generally lovely. It's funny how just one simple activity can make you feel so happy and loved. Though the flowers had wilted by the time we got home, these photos are a lovely reminder that its the simplest of things that truly make you happy.

Mummy B xoxox

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