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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Planning the Perfect Summer Picnic

Today I have a lovely guest post from Mary about the perfect summer picnic - exactly what we need in this lovely weather we have been having!

Planning the Perfect Summer Picnic 
As the sunshine is finally here there’s no better way to celebrate then with a day out with the children, and a basket full of their favourite foods. 
Whether you’re joining in with the fun, or sitting back and watching their delight, the summer gives us longer days and more opportunities to spend time as a family. 
After what’s felt like an endless time spent inside watching the raindrops fall down the windows, it feels like a new lease of life has been instilled in everyone as we all make plans to get outside and make the most of the weather we’ve been blessed with. 
A picnic can be the perfect way to spend summer days, so for a fuss free adventure in the great outdoors I’ve compiled a guide to keep the fun coming and the tantrums at bay. 
As Mums we all know that any day out never goes without a military style organisation plan.
The Destination
Picking a place to enjoy your picnic is the most important task, as it can make or break your entire day out. 
Like any Mum you’ll have to think about the worst case scenarios. If it rains, will there be somewhere that you can shelter? And are there activities for them to take part in? 
Keeping the little ones entertained is the hardest part of any day out, so find somewhere that they’re never going to get bored of is essential. 
You could be testing your own luck, but sometimes it’s a nice idea to ask the little ones where they would like to go, however if you’d rather not run the risk there are a number of resources such as this one that list the best days out for children across the UK. 
The Nibbles  
Eating out with the family can often be expensive when you’re planning your day out. Especially if there is an admission fee to get into your chosen destination. 
Planning a tasty picnic that will keep them well-nourished during their activities will mean you can focus on enjoying time with them rather than worry about what they’re eating. 
Combine your picnic basket with sweet treats and healthy snacks, so that if they become distracted by any of the over expensive food available, you have something to satisfy their requests. 
Finger foods are the easiest for picnics, but if you’ve got the time, try and cut them into fun shapes that will encourage the children to eat them. 
If it’s quite an active day you’ve got planned make it easy to carry around the food with a picnic bag like this one, that way when hunger strikes the little ones can be easily fed without any costly purchases. 
The Fun 

Don’t just rely on the activities that your chosen destination has available. Sometimes no matter how hard you try and convince them, children simply don’t feel like taking part. Instead, take along toys and games that they will feel happy to play with no matter their mood.

Mummy B xoxox

*Guest Post

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