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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Becoming a Mum of Two

Today I realised I just have a little over three months left until Baby Boy Burgess arrives and I become a mum of two. I'm not sure if I'm being a little relaxed about the whole thing, but I have to admit I am not worried about becoming a mum of two. Before I actually fell pregnant, despite desperately wanting another baby, I did find the whole notion of another baby a little daunting. Now that Baby Boy Burgess is just around the corner I am excited for this new chapter to begin. 

Maybe I'm being naive to the challenges that lay ahead, but I'm hoping because this not the first time and I'm now a "seasoned mum" I will be able to take all the challenges that it may bring in my stride. One thing I am most excited for is to see Darcie in her new big sister role. These past few weeks she has grown up a lot and has taken a much bigger interest in helping me with day to day tasks, as well as trying to be more independent (like going to the loo completely on her own). She also talks about her baby brother, whom she has named, constantly. She often sits and talks to him, kisses my belly and says how she is going to help me once he is here. Darcie's interest in her baby brother, I think, is the main reason I am feeling so at ease. She is seemingly ready for this next chapter of our lives and having her so enthused makes me feel like she will cope well with the change - which is a big weight off of our shoulders. 

I by all means don't believe I have got this parenting malarky down to a T - because lets face it, everyday as a parent you learn something new (especially about yourself). I feel the "learning" to be a mum of two will be a completely different experience than becoming a mum for the first time. For one, I am not feeling completely overwhelmed with anxiety about what's to come. This is something very new for me as for the last three years this is something I have had to deal with on an almost daily basis. But, bizarrely, since finding out I was pregnant I have felt an overwhelming feeling of content as opposed to anxiety. A welcome relief I can tell you!

Of course, come September I may eat my own words and in a way I'm prepared for that too. But I have to say I am feeling good, confident and more importantly anxiety free and if you've been reading for a while then you will know that that's a big thing for me. I'm a happy Mummy.

Mummy B xoxox

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