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Sunday 17 May 2015

The Ordinary Moments | The Best Husband

When pregnant and hormones are flying all over the place it's not really hard to imagine some of the arguments I have had with my poor husband. They are totally irrational, pointless and always full of emotion. I hope I am not the only one, but when I'm pregnant I become, well, slightly bitch-tastic and my husband is (thankfully) the only one who has to deal with it. Being pregnant is a crazy ride, one in which I am slightly more prepared for second time round. Emotions are constantly all over the place from feeling intense love for my hubby to wanting to walk out of the door because he left a towel on the bed. Yes, really (and this is despite the fact my side of the bed has turned into a floorobe - but hey I'm pregnant, it's acceptable, what's his excuse?!). All jokes aside, when I'm feeling rational (yes, you do get those occasionally when pregnant) I can't help but feel sorry for him having to deal with my absurd emotions.

Jamie never questions me if I'm looking/feeling rough or if I am slacking - instead he does more than his fair share in order to help wherever he can. He will occupy Darcie whilst I have a rest or cook dinner, for the last four nights he has done the whole bedtime routine on his own (we usually take turns and one of us will bath and the other will put her to bed or visa versa) but he has just let me put my feet up. Yup, I have noticed Jamie - nothing you do for us goes unnoticed. One evening whilst I was particularly tired after a busy day he took Darcie into the Garden to do a spot of Bug Hunting, they played for ages allowing me just to get a few jobs done.

This is nothing new for Jamie, though he isn't sympathetic in a lot of ways, he will always do all that he can for us and when I'm pregnant this is something I'm so thankful for! 

Thanks for being a patient hubby Jamie - sorry for the next 16 weeks of pregnancy hormones ;)

Mummy B xoxox



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