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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Country Style Bathrooms

As a country girl myself, I have to admit I am drawn to country style interiors. There are hints of this around my home, but one area that is lacking is the bathroom. My bathroom is a sore point - I really am stumped at how I can make it functional, I just feel like I need to rip it out and start again. I swear modern housing developers don't think about functionality. I have been thinking as to how I can do just that, have a bathroom that works for us as a family, offering storage solutions but is still a relaxing and airy space that I can enjoy after a long day.

Currently we have a stand alone basin, and whilst there is nothing wrong with that it does feel like it is slightly wasted space. I think a vanity style basin would be much more practical and add much needed storage space, so bathroom items can be kept stored away and out of sight. There are lots on the market but very few that fit with my theme, though I have found one which is the perfect fit (view here).

Baskets are key with the country style theme and you can find them in quite a few rooms in my house! These ones provide extra storage for items like toilet rolls and face clothes and are a gorgeous colour that fit well within the theme. You can pick up baskets from all sorts of places and really do not have to cost the earth.

We currently don't have a wall mirror in our bathroom, in fact we have a piddly little thing that barely does the job properly! I really like the "window" style mirrors that give the illusion of another window. Placing it opposite a window would then reflect more light around the room. Which is often needed in small bathrooms like our own.

As you can tell I am loving the grey colour scheme. You may think that's a little bizarre if I want to create a light and airy space, but using the right shade can do just that. I feel it brings a modern touch to the country style too helping you get that perfect balance creating a classic style.

You know I'm a dreamer and I really love reading these style of posts myself, do you have any wish list style interior posts? Leave them bellow so I can get even more inspired!

Mummy B xoxox

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