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Sunday, 28 June 2015

How I Plan to Lose the Baby Weight & Giveaway!

As your body changes at such a rapid rate when pregnant, I think it's natural to wonder how you're going to go about tackling the baby weight after baby's arrival. It's something I am certainly considering as I know I want to ensure I get back to a healthier and more active lifestyle.  The problem most mum's find is actually finding the time to workout and and prepare healthy meals, and lets not forget there can be other things to hamper weight loss such as having c-sections or other procedures that can make exercise difficult. 

For me I know I will be having a c-section, so I know the weightloss process will be slow. I'm fine with that as my main concern will be to heal properly and bond with my baby boy. However when I am healed and life with two children has been establish, I do wonder how on earth I'm going to get time to head to the gym. Luckily I have been introduced to an absolutely fantastic new concept which allows me to participate in various classes depending on my own fitness levels and taste, all of which can be done in the comfort of my home.

Mummy Workouts here I come! So how does it work? Mummy Workouts is a monthly subscription which allows you to participate in an unlimited amount of classes each week. Pricing can be seen below...

The prices are fantastic and if you go for the annual membership it works out as little as £8 per month for unlimited classes. Considering some classes cost that per lesson its an absolute bargain! 

Once you've subscribed you can then attend live and interactive fitness classes from home, with or without webcam. Participants only see the fitness instructor, not each other so you don't need to feel self conscious like you perhaps could in an ordinary class. As I mentioned classes vary from Yoga, Pilates, Legs Bums, and Tums, Core, Pre/Postnatal and more. If you ever miss a "live" lesson it doesn't matter as you can watch the recording in your own time. Which is perfect for us busy mums who find it hard to squeeze time into their day. 

I'm hoping these classes along with sensible healthy eating and breastfeeding I can get my body fit and healthy once more. I would love to hear how you've lost the baby weight - especially in regards to diet for breastfeeding mummy's. I know you need to be careful when breastfeeding so please leave  any ideas in comments. 

So, now over to my latest giveaway where one lucky winner could win 4 months of classes, plus a free 20 min consultation with one of Mummy Workouts Trainers. There are also two runner up prizes of 10% off first month, plus a free 20 min consultation with one of Mummy Workouts Trainers. Plus ALL entrants get 10% off first month! Make sure you follow the T&C's and good luck!
Mummy Burgress, Competition code

 Mummy B xoxox

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