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Sunday, 14 June 2015

{The Ordinary Moments} Hello Threenager.

We have all heard of the terrible two's, and maybe even experienced the drama of new found independence of toddlers. But for some, including us, we have been dealing with a completly new kettle of fish... the threenager. When Darcie blew those candles out on her third birthday cake, we thought we had escaped those bad toddler behaviour moments, but for us it seem like it was the beginning!

We have been, slightly flummoxed by her behaviour since, literally, her third birthday. There is something in her eyes that tells me she know's that she is being a cheeky little madame and I think that is what is testing me even more. We all know that toddlers test the boundaries, spreading their wings, seeing what they can get away with. If I'm really honest, Darcie is not a naughty child. Not even close. But their has been some testing moments. Perhaps because I'm pregnant, and my tolerance levels are pretty low - I do often find myself raising my voice when really there is just no need. A frazzled hormonal mummy vs the threenager is never going to be pretty - but I'm hoping we all come out winners and this is a little faze which will soon fade out... preferably before baby arrives if your reading Darcie. 

This weekend she had her moments, but this afternoon she snuggled up with her dad (after a little persuasion!) and watch the Moto GP. They both ended up asleep. I watched them sleep, both so content and in that moment I realised that she was still just my little baby. Not the threenager that I had been labelling her to be. Just my baby who is finding her way in the world, a very strong willed baby, but one who is caring, loving and honestly not as naughty as this pregnant mumma makes out.

I felt a lot of guilt in that moment, blaming her for my messy house, feeling stressed, when I'm the one who hasn't been consistent with the house work or not being able to play and jump around as much as I used to. This pregnancy is starting to really drain me, and its no-one's fault it's just the way it is. I need to take a step back and remind myself its ok to feel rubbish when your pregnant but more importantly that Darcie know's that I'm still the fun and happy mummy, just a little bit of a tired one!

Have you experienced any threenager like attitude? Or any overwhelming guilt like this when you're pregnant? My little one has just awoken from her nap with her daddy and has sleepily walked over and given me the biggest cuddle. I think all is forgiven.

Mummy B xoxox


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