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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Third Trimester Approaching

These past few weeks have been really difficult. On Sunday I will enter the third trimester, the final stretch, and boy am I feeling it. I haven't been well for a little while,  I've experienced light headedness, tingling sensations in my arms and legs, feeling of constant nausea,  exhaustion on top of headaches too. It's been pretty tough, though what pregnancy isn't? Gradually it has gotten worse. Yesterday enough was enough, I went home from work and called my midwife. I knew it would be irresponsible of me if I just let it go on. Luckily the midwife wasn't too concerned but she did want to see me, she asked me to pop down to a clinic session today for an appointment. 

This morning, whilst in bed I felt pretty well, I did consider cancelling the appointment and heading back to work. However as soon as I stood up all the symptoms came flooding back. I knew I really needed to at least discuss how I was feeling with my midwife. I went along this morning, and baby boy was happily nudging me - some comfort at least. But it still didn't ease how awful I had been feeling. My midwife was lovely though, very reassuring and thorough. 

One of my main concerns was my blood pressure, I suffered with high blood pressure with Darcie and other complications. Because I haven't seen my midwife since I was 16 weeks this was definitely playing on my mind. Luckily, my blood pressure was fine, and also urine was all clear. She did mention how I could be anaemic so did a blood test too.

She then moved onto baby, having a feel (he was being so active!) and taking my first bump measurement. He is looking to be a porker as he is measuring two weeks ahead. Because of this and because of my symptoms my midwife suggested that a glucose test would be necessary to rule that out as a possibility for the awful symptoms I have been experiencing.

In the mean time I've been told to rest as much as I can, especially as at the moment the reasons for all these symptoms are not yet known. It's hard to relax with a three year old in tow, but luckily she is in childcare anyway so I can spend the day resting and trying to get myself back to feeling normal. I'm pretty exhausted as it is so all these extra "issues" is all a bit much at times.

Right, enough of me waffling. Despite how therapeutic I find blogging I don't want to come across as a "whiner" as all pregnancies are tough, and sometimes you just need to take a step back and rest. Which is especially important when pregnant because it's not just your own health you have to think of. 

- Anyone experienced the glucose test for gestational diabetes? I am dreading it a little, despite my husband being a type 1 diabetic himself, it's all a little daunting. These things are never straight forward! 

Mummy B xoxox

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