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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A week of ups and downs

These past 7 days have been quite tough, you may have noticed my absence on the blog front and that most certainly hasn't been on purpose. Last week we discovered that Darcie had a very bad urine infection, one that almost got her admitted to hospital as the doctor was so concerned! But luckily, despite it being a bad infection, it actually had little effect on her (only when she went to the loo!) and the doctor was happy for her to continue her treatment at home. She will have to have a visit to hospital in the coming weeks to have an ultra sound - that will be interesting trying to explain to her they are not looking for a baby! The reason for the ultra sound is to investigate whether there is anything physically wrong. I'm obviously hoping that isn't the case. On top of this I have been experiencing dizzy spells and headaches again, luckily my mum has been on holiday this week so has really helped out looking after Darcie and me. So thank you mum!

Despite the hardness of this week there has been some incredibly lovely moments. On Saturday I went to a big family BBQ with my entire family, it was so nice as we hadn't all got together in such a long time (even at my wedding my cousin didn't make it due to her about to pop with her beautiful twin boys). What was so special was seeing Darcie play with all my cousins children - the next generation. It brought so many memories back from my own childhood, I couldn't help but feel very content and incredibly lucky. 

Yesterday I also got to see baby at my 32 week growth scan. Everything went beautifully and baby is such a good size already, estimated at 4lb 12oz at 32 weeks exactly! And to top my week off completely we put baby's room together and I feel so happy that its finally done. I keep going in there and just sitting in my nursing chair dreaming of September...

Finally today was my last day at work, I have the wonderful six weeks of summer holidays off then officially start maternity leave in September - timed that right hey?!?! 

So now it's time to relax and enjoy the final few weeks as a family of three, make sure you pop back soon for a nursery room tour and some more baby/pregnancy updates!

Mummy B xoxox

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