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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Baby boy haul

This weekend has been a slightly naughty one and I have ended up spending far too much money. But it was mostly all for my baby boy, so it's a justified expense! On Saturday we (madly in this heat) decided to head to Norwich to get a few maternity bits for me, which I did end up getting, thank you very much Primark, but we then ended up spotting so many cute things for bubs. With sales on at nearly every store it was pretty hard to resist. 

The first stop was H&M, I don't normally shop in their children's section as I never normally find anything I like for Darcie, but the baby section always has some uber cute items. Unfortunately quite few pieces I liked were not available in the littler sizes so I headed to the sock section. I flipping LOVE H&M socks for babies. They were the only ones that would stay on Darcie's feet, plus they are nice and thick keeping those tootsies nice & warm without the need for pram shoes. These ones are both made of cotton and were only £3.99 for a pack of three.

Next to this section I spotted the most gorgeous blanket which fits nicely with baby's nursery theme. Again it is made from cotton, so nice and breathable and was only £6.99. Beautiful!

We then headed into House of Fraser, again mainly drawn in because they had a sale on! We browsed around the men's section and Jamie was almost tempted by a new coat, though in sweltering heat I couldn't think of anything worse! Though in full contradiction of what I have just written we purchased baby boy a snow suit, yes it was 30 degrees yesterday, but it was in the Joules sale for £19 and really couldn't turn down that bargain! 

Along with the snow suit, I fell head over heals in love with a brand called NameIt. They stocked some beautiful and simplistic designs for babies and I just wanted to buy everything! I held back  and just purchased my favourite item, this super cute long sleeved top, £9.

I thought my day of spending was bad enough but today we ended up making an impromptu trip to IKEA and got the final bits for baby's room. I'm so excited to show you the finished result which are along a very similar vain to my post I did earlier in the year about our Baby Boy Nursery plans. 

Hope you have all had a fab weekend and made the most of the gorgeous weather. I have to admit being heavily pregnant I'm not a fan of it myself!!

Mummy B xoxox

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