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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Darcie's One Liners #1

Toddlers come out with the most funniest of things, they really are little comedians in their own right. With that in mind I thought I would start making a note of some of them, for this was the reason I started this blog in the first place. So without further a do, here are a few one liners that Darcie has come out with over the last few months.

"Oh mum, I just can't possibly do that. I have a baby in my tummy so I probably shouldn't." - This occurred the other morning when I wanted her to get her shoes on. I wonder where she got this phrase from?!

"But I just want to save the world." - This afternoon whilst launching herself off the sofa.

"MUM, daddy left the bloody bag in the car." When we couldn't find her nursery bag last week. Yes slightly naughty but you can't help but giggle.

"Oh granny I have an idea. I sit here and you go get us Ice Creams. That sounds like a good plan." - Quite a few months ago whilst in Thetford Forrest, this still tickles us today. It was more how she said it that was the funny part.

"What you sayin?" - All I can hear is Joey Essex...

"Mum I hope you're behaving" -When I was busy in the kitchen one evening.

"I love my baby *babies name which I wont reveal*" - This is actually not really a one liner as such, but Darcie says this all the time and just melts my heart. She is so ready for his arrival.

I'm hoping to make this more of a regular post as I just want to make sure I document all these (slightly silly) things. As she is getting bigger, the milestones seem to be getting further and further apart. But, to me, these ordinary memories are equally important as those big milestones. 

What funny little things have your little ones come out with recently?

Mummy B xoxox

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