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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Camping & Gulliver's Land

At 34 weeks pregnant I decided to do something slightly mad, go away for a nights camping and explore a theme park! Though I had reservations, mainly because I resemble a (very tired) whale, I was really looking forward to having some family time and for Darcie to experience camping - it's been something she has been asking to do for a while. Annoyingly I left my main camera at home so I had to suffice with my iPhone!

So on Friday we, along with my dad and step mum headed over to Milton Keynes where we set up camp at Gulliver's Camping & Caravanning site, located right next door to the park. The campsite had plenty of amenities and a really well thought out layout. One thing that really impressed me was that they had a "family bathroom" which was specially geared up for those with younger children and had everything you could need for a comfortable stay. My Parents, who are seasoned campers, came with their campervan and we had a good sized tent which my parents loaned us. Once base camp was set up, we headed over to Willen Lake in search of food! There are a few places to choose from, and we opted on a pub looking over the water. It was such a beautiful evening, and the perfect place to relax after setting the tent up. Luckily the weather had been kind to us so we were able to sit there most of the evening before then heading back to out our heads down. 

I can safely report that camping at 34 weeks actually wasn't a bad thing like I imagined. I managed to get a good nights sleep and was fairly comfortable on our blow up bed! The only thing was having to go out in the cold to nip to the loo, but thankfully they located us right near a shower block! 

The next day, we headed to Gulliver's Land. I didn't really know what to expect but I was happily surprised at just how fantastic the park was. It's completely geared up for little ones, and I don't think there was a ride that Darcie couldn't really go on - she was super brave and went on all the ones I thought she would hate, including the huge log flume!! It was a busy Saturday at the park and despite this you barley had to que for any rides - literally only one or two turns we had to wait maximum, not what you experience at the larger theme parks. Prices were very reasonable as well, even once your in food a gifts were certainly not over priced. Darcie's eyes lit up when she saw a fairy costume, and when I had a look it was £3.95!! What a bargain! 

It was such a lovely mini break before baby arrives and we had so much fun! We're looking forward to going back next year with two in tow! 

Mummy B xoxox


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