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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Déjà vu With Baby No. 2

You may have seen on social media that this week has been a little hectic. I have been so closely monitored due to a few issues. But I have to say all of this is sounding oh so familiar and baby boy is most definitely taking after his big sister. 

There has been concerns about my rising BP but on Monday, at my consultant appointment, another "complication" was found. My baby boy is not growing at the rate he should. He is by no means tiny, but according to all my scans and measurements, his growth has slowed right down. He started out above the 90th centile and has now dropped down to between 50th and 10th, indicating that my placenta may not be functioning as it should. Which is exactly what happened with Darcie. My consultant was very good and calmly informed me that I may not make it to my section date as he may need to be delivered earlier than expected. 

The consultant altered my care plan so that a midwife comes and see's me every other day for BP and urine checks and has advised a threshold if my BP goes over a certain point then I need to be taken in. I have also been told I need to really keep an eye on his movements, anything that goes against the grain of being normal maybe a sign that he is tiring due to not getting enough nourishment. This is worrying me a little as I really don't want to miss any sign that things are not ok. I kind of want him out sooner rather than later to be honest. On Monday I will be in for my sixth ultrasound to check on growth, placenta and fluid levels and then my consultant is then going to decide what the next steps are.

It's all getting a little nerve racking, I'm trying not to stress because although this is a very similar situation to Darcie, everything turned out ok. So I'm staying positive and taking each day as it comes. Hoping and praying that he stays safe in there just a little while longer.

Mummy B xoxox

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