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Monday, 14 September 2015

Henry's Birth Story

As you may know if you've been following for a while, I planned to have an elective c-section due to my traumatic emergency c-section with my daughter. On the 8th of September exactly that happened and I welcomed our beautiful boy the way I had planned and it proved to be the most wonderful experience. 

We woke at 5am full of nerves to get ready to make our way to the hospital. Once ready, car loaded and medication taken we headed to the hospital to be there for 7am. I was very quiet that morning as I was really trying to focus and prepare myself mentally for what was about to happen. To say I was scared was an understatement! When we arrived we were taken into the ward surrounded by mothers whom had already had their babies. I found it a little surreal that in a few hours I too would have my baby boy in my arms. We soon met with my surgeon, midwife and anethatist, they talked through everything with me making sure I was happy and comfortable with the procedure that was about to take place. They then told me I was second on the list so it was time to get suited and booted. 

Once I was gowned and Jamie had his scrubs on, one of the theatre team members came to meet us to take us down to theatre. This bloke was lovely and got me an extra gown so I didn't have to expose myself! He chatted the whole time making both Jamie and I completely at ease. Once in theatre we met another member of the team who also talked to us whilst they were setting up. These two guys were absolute stars and were busy taking the piss out of each other offering lots of amusement for me and Jamie. Then the rest of the team arrived, we didn't end up with the surgeon or anethatist we met that morning as they got called to an emergency. Still as they were quite quiet that day they had another team available for my section.

My anethatist then introduced himself and began to put my cannula into my left hand. He tried twice and had no such luck so then tried my left wrist. He failed again. The anethatist was so apologetic and I think he felt a little flustered! It's a good job needles don't bother me because as my bruises now show, he made a big old mess of my arms! Eventually he managed to get one into my right hand and then moved onto my spinal. I was a little nervous for this part as many women had told me this was quite painful, last time I was put to sleep so this again was new. They sprayed my back that made it go very cold and then began to put the spinal in. In all honesty it wasn't that bad at all. I could feel it being done and was a little uncomfortable but not painful. 

With the spinal in I was helped to lay down and then asked to raise my legs. I was able to do this but they felt so heavy. They waited another minute and asked me to do it again and this time I couldn't move them at all! It felt really bizarre! They then got an ice cube and ran it up both sides of my body and asked when I could feel the cold, it wasn't until it was near my chest that I could feel it, so thankfully the spinal was effective! I was terrified it would fail and I would end up asleep again, which would of been my worst nightmare.

I was told time and time again at if any point I felt uncomfortable/in pain just say something, but again I was pretty comfortable! I did get one side effect from the spinal and that was shaking, it was like I was a bag full of nerves (which in reality I was), but they soon wore off. The procedure itself was completely painless and whilst I could feel the tugging sensation it wasn't at all bad like I had imagined. Then the most wonderful thing happened, our son was born. 

They raised him above the sheet where I saw my beautiful boy and I was immediately over come with emotion and instant love. I gave Jamie a kiss and then they took Henry off to be checked and cleaned. Jamie was by his side the whole time, taking pictures and cutting his cord. Such a special moment for him too as he wasn't allowed in theatre with our daughter. When he was weighed we had such a shock, at our consultant appointment the week before, he was scanned and estimated to weight 6lb 14oz. He was in actual fact a whopping 8lb 11oz!! Two whole pounds bigger that his sister! Jamie then brought him over to my side where we spent the remainder of the time getting to know to our little boy. 

We didn't try to do skin to skin whilst in theatre, there just wasn't to room. But once in recovery we had lots of skin to skin and he instantly latched himself on and had his first feed. 

I can honestly say that my elective c-section was the most magical experience of my life. It was calm, peaceful and such a positive experience. I am so so thankful that I managed to get the birth experience I had always dreamed of, especially since my traumatising birth with Darcie. Having this positive birth experience has helped me with recovery, breastfeeding and even mentally. My birth experience with Darcie lead to me developing anxiety and now I feel like I completely new person, like this experience has healed me in a weird way! 

Now, Henry is six days old and is doing brilliantly! He is feeding well and now gaining weight after initially losing some. He is a pretty "easy" baby and only grumbles when I have to change him. We are getting used to being a family of four, Darcie completely adores her little brother Henry and I couldn't be any more proud of her. She has been such a star. 

I'm hoping now that I'm starting to feel a little more human normal blogging should hopefully resume. 

Mummy B xoxox


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