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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Rooms

With so many house buyers being priced out of the property market these days more and more new families are finding themselves having to rent and make the best of smaller properties. This means now more than ever when it comes to making the most of the rooms in your home, space is a key factor. Maximising space, in the right way, can really transform a home from that cluttered 'lived in' space into a clean, elegant, living space. So here is my guide to maximising space in the home. Although I will mention some specific items I'd like to think of this as a guide, a few simple rules for making the most of the rooms in your home.


Id like to start with the kitchen, quite often the most cluttered room in a home. Here, as with most rooms, the key is to think about unused space. One place often left unused is the backs of cupboard doors. Attaching hooks or magnetic strips to the backs of doors can open up a world of neglected storage space, often an untapped resource. This is also a great tip even if you don't have cupboard doors to utilise. Think about the walls, are you using that space to it's true potential? Attaching magnetic strips and hooks to walls can reduce worktop clutter. Get rid of that knife block and keep the knives on a strip on the splash-back, it certainly makes them easier to access when cooking. As well, I’ve always felt hanging pans on hooks on the wall can really provide a rustic farmhouse aesthetic to a kitchen.

Next are bedrooms. Bedrooms can be tricky, especially for adults, all the storage space you have is generally taken up and nobody likes a cluttered bedroom. Here I've found the best trick to be a bed that doubles as storage, or saves space somehow. For the kids bedroom I found a fantastic solution while browsing Bedstar's huge range of beds, the triple bunk bed. It not only provides space for the kids to grow into a bigger bed but if you have friends with a kid stay, have your little one in with you and your guests could all sleep in a triple bunk bed. Another option that's really caught my attention, for adults, is the scaffolding bed. They're built to order, so you can have the design fit your specific needs; They're reasonably priced; and done right they can look fantastic. Speaking of a spare room leads me to my next area. Finding that space for guests to stay can often be a dilemma, so why not try to find that space elsewhere? Utilise a room so it's multi-purpose. I often find the best palace to start is the home office.


The home office is usually the most cluttered room in the home but with more and more of us using tablets and laptops and no longer needing a dedicated computer desk why not go with foldaway furniture and fittings. It opens up a new world of space and all that's required to turn it into a guest room is an inflatable mattress. My top advice with offices though is all that paperwork. Thinking 'up' is a good start, use those walls for shelving, but really my true advice is buy a shredder and get ruthless. I've found this to be of immeasurable help. All too often we think 'oh, that'll be useful one day'. Chances are it won't be! Set yourself one day a month to shred and I'm sure you'll finding storage space opening up to you in no time!

So there's my top tips, I do hope you find them as useful as I have, and remember; Maximising space may seem like a boring way to make the best of the rooms in your home, but once you've cleared away all that clutter it gives you the space and blank canvas to stamp your own unique style on your home and really make the most of those rooms.

Mummy B xoxox

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