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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Our Christmas 2015

I was very quiet on here over the last week and that's because we have had some, much needed, quality time.  Our Christmas was a special one and one I think my hubby found hard. His brother is moving across the pond with his wife to live in California next year, so it was our last Christmas with them in the UK. For that reason, we decided to host and have all his immediate family for Christmas dinner. 
We all had lots of fun, spending time together, reminiscing and exchanging gifts. It was lovely to see Darcie and Henry spend time with their Aunt and Uncle, whom they adore (as do we!). It was very much a bittersweet occasion, we know they're doing the right thing for them and super excited for them, but we just can't help but feel how much we and the children will miss them. We will have to get saving for a nice trip to sunny California! 

As with every year Darcie got thoroughly spoilt! She got some lovely thoughtful gifts as well as her "must haves" such as the singing Elsa doll & Leap Reader pen!  Henry, even though he is only three months old, managed to get spoilt rotten too! Whilst he had more practical gifts I couldn't be more grateful for the gifts we received. If you would like I could do a couple of "what I got for Christmas" style posts, not for bragging purposes, I just really love watching those video's myself!!

The past few day's we've spent seeing other family members, sorting through the mountain of gifts and finding homes for them all and generally getting ourselves organised for the New Year. Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year, so I decided to just concentrate on my little family for the past week. Hope you don't mind!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I would love to hear your favourite part of the festive period.

Mummy B xoxox

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