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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Where have we been? | Henry's First Cold | Vlog/Blogmas Day 15

So, I'm missing a few day's of Vlog/Blogmas, a nasty cold has hit our two little ones! Whilst Darcie has been such a trooper Henry has been pretty miserable and has been constantly attached to me. His first cold is a milestone I didn't want us to reach this soon.

He beautiful little eyes are swollen, red and watery. His perfect little nose is snotty and little coughs are keeping him awake when he sleeps. He still manages to crack a smile every now and then, but he definitely isn't enjoying his first cold.

Because he has been so miserable I have been unable to get anything done, instead we've been snuggled up on the sofa - which wouldn't make for interesting vlogging! Hopefully once he is all better, we can peel ourselves off the sofa and get start getting festive! I need to sort their Christmas eve box sorted for this year, is this something you and your family do? I would love to know what you pop in your's especially idea's for babies! 

We did however manage to get a few photo's of us in our Christmas Jumper's... Though trying to get a nice one of us all is a bit of a mission...!! Still even if they're not exactly picture perfect, it's still nice to get these festive photo's.

Darcie even used my big camera to take a pic of me and Jamie!

Hoping we will be back to normality soon! 

Mummy B xoxox

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