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Friday, 15 January 2016

5 Alternative Resolutions for the New Year

January is the official month of the ‘new year, new me’ campaign, after all what better time to start with a clean slate than in January. If health resolutions start to get you down after a while (going from full on Christmas indulgence to a lettuce leaf is hard) then why not take on some of these alternative resolutions for the New Year. 

Reading More

If after Christmas you’re present stack looks like you could open a book shop then why not make it your resolution to get reading. Taking some time out from everyday life and curling up under a blanket with your favourite hot beverage and a good book or magazine is a feeling which can’t be beaten. Try and read a page a day at least or if you’re an avid reader then joining a book club is a great way to meet new people and read a book you may not have picked up otherwise. 

Learn Something New

Keeping your brain active is something we should all strive to do more of and learning something new is the best way to do it. Take on a challenge you’ve never considered before or take up something you’ve always wanted to but never tried. Cooking classes, photography course, learning to code. The world is your oyster.

Indulge your Hobbies

Got a hobby which has long been forgotten about since the littles one came along? Or simply can’t find enough hours in the day to fit everything in? Take some you time and indulge your passions. If more family time is your 2016 goal then pick a hobby the whole family can get involved in such as swimming or baking. 

The Waist Trainer

If you’re one of those people who hates the gym but still dreams of an hourglass silhouette then why not try out a waist trainer. Not only will it nip in your waist and show off your curves to perfection, it’ll also help to improve your posture and stop those midday slouches. 

Take a Photo a Day

It may not be January 1st anymore but why not take a photo a day to document your year. Even on days when you’re feeling a bit down or not doing much it’ll help you find a little positive and get those creative juices flowing. It’ll make a lovely memory to look back on and you could even make it into a scrapbook afterwards.

Now all you have to do is decide which alternative resolution to pick. Remember it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so don’t give up if you aren’t feeling the positives after a few days, perseverance pays off in the end. 

Mummy B xoxo

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