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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Our Love Story

Me and Jamie celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 5th February. I can't believe we fell over head over heels for each other over a decade ago. Madness.

One thing I have never mentioned on the blog is our "love story" - mainly because it's one that sends me a slight shade of red when it comes up in conversation. When I was watching my absolute guilty pleasure, Celebrity Big Brother (anyone else completely gutted it's over?!), seeing the hatred that Steph from Celebrity Big Brother received only spurred me on to tell our story - because love can knock you off your feet in an instant and it's something that can just happen. Though being single is obviously preferable! 

So, let's rewind 10 years, to a 17 year old me. I had a boyfriend, I was studying at college and I was about to embark on a trip to Tenerife to complete a scuba diving course. I wasn't particularly happy. There was however a certain person who could put a smile on my face, his goofy humor, gorgeous smile and kind eyes - Jamie.

We had been friends since we started our course together in September, we had similar interests, goals and hung around in the same circle. We would chat, but we were no more than just friends. That was until we went to Tenerife. Something hit me, I liked Jamie a little more than just friends and it turns out he liked me a little more than just friends too. Looking back it should of been obvious that we liked each other, but I guess because we were both "unavailable" we never really took it further.

I won't go into lots of details, but over that week we fell hard for each other. So much so Jamie actually ended up in a diabetic coma!!! I always joke that I literally knocked him off his feet. 

When we got home lots of people said we wouldn't work, we were so young and acted on impulse (which is very true) but ten years on we're still going strong. He is still my best friend and makes me smile everyday - even on the days when we bicker like crazy.

Our love story may not be particularly romantic, in fact I will have to think very carefully how I will word our story to Darcie. But it's ours, it was eventful and it made us fight for each other and develop into a very strong couple. 

I love you Mr Burgess, we've come a long way since we were a couple of 17 years olds.

Mummy B xoxox

OK - Jamie decided to write his own version... Enter embarrassed faced me...

The JK beginnings TAKE 2 (Male version) 

There I was in my second year college, I'd pissed about a little too much during my first year: playing snooker/pool, drinking at the city pubs, and eating Maccy D's every day until I couldn't really taste it (some say this is the normal taste of food here). Oh and of course girls...too busy trying to impress.


I without much effort got a pretty justified end of year result of D, D, E ... I knew this was coming.. obviously... so I'd made plans....

A friend was always saying how good his 'public service' course was, no exams, all coursework, lots of decent ex army/police serviceman/women lecturers,  oh and a few awesome trips included. Whats more, the government had just added into the Disability Discrimination Act to say that diabetics could now join the police. With all this and the fact a very good friend had made the same choice after a similar set of results in A-levels, how many hints did I need that the path best for me, was well and truly awaiting. 

I remember signing up, I remember the first day and well, what your reading this blog for.. I remember meeting Kay. 

I remember how the class were then starting to form their 'groups' from whole 'forming-storming-norming theory'. 

I sat with my back against the large  metre square windows that boarded the side of the long and rectangular classroom, The autumn sun was still beaming from an amazing summer (2005). 

I'm sat with Gav, and another lad called James (I think this chap dropped out of the course really quick) and I am now aware we were labelled the "a-levellers" by Kay and her friends. Most others in the class had come fresh out of high school. 

So as I mentioned I'm sat there with my back against the window, listening to the usual ice-breaker introductions. I then clock this girl and my first thoughts were wow, this girl is cute. 

She had this shy,  slightly 'grunge' and slightly 'hippy' look about her. I didn't really take in what she was wearing specifically, mainly because she caught me staring at her. I kept looking away... thinking her attention was back on the icebreaker games, I'd then look back and get caught doing it. Our eyes kept glancing at each others... I just became hooked. 

This type of thing continued for a little while, we started to hang out more and the nice feeling grew into something more. 

Then in February 2006, one of the amazing college trips I mentioned earlier, had come around. This one was scuba diving in Tenerife. Not known for being a romantic location (and it definitely isn't), we set off. There were a few groups of the same college course all heading out there.  About forty-odd 16-19 years old,  you can imagine what this was like... learning wasnt really on anyones mind. 

The first night and we arrived late evening at Hotel Los Dragos. There was a bar attached to the right hand side, 'Images'. 

I didn't get out much, so it was me and Gav first in the bar, straight on the pool tables and drinks on the go. 

I couldn't tell you how long had passed, but making an entrance in a turquoise top, Kay came in, she was with her friend Nikki, and they too made straight for the bar, though I am not sure if I chaperoned them that way. I was at this point merry on the booze. 

You can imagine how the night went on. But in the morning we were faced with reality.

She spoke to me quizzical saying similar too, where do we go from here? I went to tell my partner, i explained that I was sorry, but that I really did feel on a different level with Kay, I felt that my skin was bubbling up, my mind was free, and I was so excited as to what this lovely lady and I could do together. 

10 years later.. when she does that look, when were cuddled up all relaxed I still get that feeling, she makes my skin bubble up, my mind feels free and I'm still excited as to what will come for us. 

Even if money is constantly amiss with us and it appears that we just simply are not meant to live money-stress free, I couldn't care, I'd be happy with just Kay, me  and our two children - the simple necessities of life. 

As Kay told me the other day... you're rich when you take in consideration the value of those close to you. 

Daddy B xoxox


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