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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Henry at Six Months

baby at six months old

Yesterday you turned six months old. I can't believe you're six months old already, celebrating your half birthday. You will get tired of me saying this, but where has the time gone? Six months ago me, your daddy and your sister waited all day long for you to have your checks and for me to have mine so we could take you home for the very first time. Eventually, at around 6pm we were allowed to take you home and work out how to function as a family of four.

These past six weeks have been one big happy blur and it's like we always have been a family of four. Your sister loves you an incredible amount and you two are actually starting to play together! Your favourite game is to roll your colourful softball to one another. Sometimes we have to remind Darcie to share, but she's getting the hang of that too.

Something which is making everyone smile at the moment is the way to express yourself. You're incredibly "chatty" and love to get overly excited by squealing! This morning you even said "mmmmm" and both me and Darcie looked at each other as we thought you were trying to say "mama". Then we tried to encourage to by saying "mama" over and over again - which you found hilarious. You also find your sister the funniest of all, for a good five mins last night you had fits of giggles whilst you both had a bath. It's so lovely to see. You've also started to give cuddles and I think this is something everyone is loving.

You also sit very well now on your own, although you are a little wobbly at times. This is making your mum proud, though a little sad at the same time. You see this makes a step towards independence, you don't always need your mama to lean on anymore. Another step towards independence is that you've (finally!!!) managed to take a bottle. We've found the right bottle for you, the Phillips Avent Classic ones, which is making mummy feel a little more relaxed about returning to work in just over a weeks time.

At six months old, you adore your food. There has been nothing you dislike so far! You now have a combination of purees and finger foods. I think you're preferring finger foods as you often like the look of what we're eating and like to mimic us. 

So in another six months we will be celebrating your first birthday. Madness.

Love you lots Henry.

Mummy B xoxox

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