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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Moments that Made Me Smile in March 2016

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March has been a bittersweet month. I returned to work and although it wasn't actually as bad as I anticipated, the reality that I was back to being a full-time working mum is a reality that's hard to swallow at times. However, there have been so many moments that have put an humongous smile on my face and I wanted to jot them down so I can look at them whenever I'm feeling blue!

So here we go...

Mothers Day, my first as a mum of two and that in itself is incredibly special. But the moment that made me smile the most was the affection Henry gave his great grandma on that special day. It was the first time he repeatedly gave cuddles and kisses to someone and I loved that it was his great grandma! 

The longer (and slightly warmer) days - I love Winter and Autumn, but by the time February comes around I'm ready for spring. We've been enjoying the sunshine by going for lots of walks and playing on the little green outside our home. Darcie has certainly enjoyed being able to play more and more outside.

Henry - He has come on so much this month (which I will talk about in more detail on his 7 month update) but something that has be smile so much is that he now babbles "dada" all day long. Completely melts my heart and instantly lifts my mood whenever he does this. 

Darcie - I love her personality so, so much. Whilst she can have her moments and tests us at times, she also has the most incredible and hilarious warmth about her. This month she had a little photo shoot and her personality was captured perfectly! I can't wait for us to get the pictures.

Crafting - We've enjoyed doing lots of activities at home this month, mainly crafts. One particular afternoon which sticks in my mind is when we decided to make masks. Darcie and her daddy had so much fun with the glitter! I had even more fun watching Darcie & Henry laughing at each other wearing thier masks. 

Easter - of course Easter made me smile alot. Anything that get's the whole family together is bound too and also any excuse to eat chocolate too! You can see what we got up to over Easter here.

I would love to hear what made you smile this month.

Mummy B xoxox

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