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Monday 7 March 2016

Sock-Ons & Dribble Ons| Review & Giveaway

When given the opportunity to review a pair of the famous Sock Ons & Dribble Ons, I jumped at the chance. For I have a baby that is obsessed with their feet and who also happens to be dribbling due to teething at the moment - we're the perfect test subjects!!

The battle with babies and their socks is real non-parents/parents-to-be. In fact, I don't  think you get the official title of "parent" until you've lost a sock or two.  Of course, I'm joking, but all those mums and dads out there know that keeping those beautiful and tiny feet nice and cosy is often a challenge.  

One mum of five, Kezi Levin, knew this struggle all too well and utilised her Art and Design Degree and her parenting know-how to solve this issue. Kezi has know created an array of products which have all been brilliantly designed for little ones. From the range we had the opportunity to try the brilliant Sock Ons & Dribble Ons (a super-absorbent bib).

Hand's up who's got a baby who's favourite thing to do is to stick their feet in their mouths? Yup, Henry has completely jumped on that bandwagon. He makes it his mission to remove his socks so he can pop that big toe in his mouth! Because of this, I have lost numerous amounts of socks. In actual fact, I need to go a buy some more because we've lost so many in the last few weeks! Monkey! The last couple of days we've tested out the Sock Ons, a brilliant product that is placed over the top of your babies socks in order to keep them in place. 

The verdict? Why on earth did I not get these with my first? They are brilliant and completely do what they're are supposed to do.  Despite Henry giving it a good go,  his socks remained in place, I didn't even have to pull them back up once. So if socks are driving you bonkers, make sure you give these a go. The are available in a range of colours and come in two sizes 0-6 and 6-12 months. You can get them for £2.44. Available on Amazon 

Next we tried the Dribble Ons, good job we had one too because my cheeky chappy has been on dribble mode all weekend. I love how super absorbent they are without being too thick and bulky. They're made from cotton with a terry towelling back and has two poppers to adjust as your baby grows. They come in some fantastic bright colours to suit all babies and I think I'm going to buy a couple more as they have been more absorbing than some of the other bibs I've tried. 

Look at my cheeky dribbly boy! Couldn't resist adding this picture.

Now, over to the giveaway! You could get your hands on this fantastic Sock ons & Dribble Ons set in  (a very uni-sex) red. All you need to do is follow the instructions below. This is open to UK readers only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you tried Sock Ons before?

Mummy B xoxox

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