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Monday, 11 April 2016

New Build Headaches

Living in new build houses, has caused us some headaches over the years. From burst water pipes, a leaky shower, blocked drains and poor use of space. All of which has made me feel like I would never want to buy a new build again. 

When buying our home, we certainly got swept away with the dreamy side of owning your own home. We loved picking out our kitchen and bathrooms, planning what was going to go were - we didn't really think about the realities of living in a new build. Those realities are, no storage space, small rooms, walls that are paper thin and very little outside space. It may all seem doom and gloom, I still love our little home, but I can get frustrated from time to time.

One of my biggest annoyances is our bedroom. It is so small, plus they've designed the space so poorly. Our built in wardrobe door's will not open properly because our bed get's in the way. The bed is located in the only position it would actually go in. 
It's just so frustrating, because if they had really thought about the upstairs space it could work really well. On so many occasions I've felt like knocking down walls and moving things around to make the most of the space. For example, we have a decent sized en-suite, when really it could be half the size and function well, providing more space for our bedroom.  If I could do this right now, I probably would. I would move the wall back slightly, make the ensuite a wet room. Then with the freed up space in our room, I would knock the current built in wardrobe and build a new one in a different position. I have even been looking at beautiful built in designs from Norwood Interiors, dreaming of a stunning yet functional bedroom.

Along with my bedroom headache, our lack of storage is a big issue for me. Trying to find way's of keeping our room's clutter free is a biggy for me. Whilst we are definitely getting there, the addition of our new summer house in the garden will definitely solve a few more storage issues. Though don't get me started on the fact we are not allowed to store anything in the loft (just plain ridiculous in my eyes!). 

I think the thing with new builds, is to remember that there will be teething issues. We had a burst water pipe in the kitchen and then a leak in our shower (which had been slowly leaking for months), which then came through our living room ceiling. All of which had to be replaced. Whilst they're annoying and so inconvenient, the one saving grace with a new build is that the developers have to repair and pay for those issues. The one real silver lining with a new build property. Touch wood, after five years of living in our new build - those teething issues have all been ironed out.

Have/do you live in a new build? Have you had any headaches or disaster stories?

Mummy B xoxox

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