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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sun & Sleep Pop-up Travel Bubble Cot | Review

I'm a sucker for a good product that makes parenting less stressful. I won't lie, having two can be a juggle sometimes and anything that can make life a little easier is definitely worth my time/pennies! One thing that is most important and I think all parents will agree with me here, is sleep. For us, I think we've cracked it. He goes down beautifully and will normally only wake once for a feed during the night. I'm pretty happy with that, we had a battle with our daughter and almost two years with very little sleep, bedtimes were always so, so, so stressful. 

So even when you've cracked it, something that may throw a spanner in the works, is when you travel/go on holiday. I know for me this is something I certainly have worried about. It has even put us off going away on a few occasions. Koo-di, my wonderful sponsors for Britmums Live, sent over a fantastic product, their Sun & Sleep Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot (£74.99) which is suitable for babies aged 6-18 months. It's compact, lightweight but does it give us that stress-free bedtime and sleep?

In short, yes!

Henry loves to feel secure at night, he has a special sleeping pod in his cot because he doesn't like the open feeling his cot (without the pod) gives, so when I saw how cosy the bubble cot was, I knew we would probably be onto a winner. The cot can be completely enclosed, so you know they're safe and you can even buy an extra mattress for added comfort. Luckily for us, his sleeping pod (sleepyhead) fits perfectly, which is something you need to consider when buying a travel cot if your little ones are used to particular sleeping aids. 

We first used our pop up cot when we went away over Easter and despite me feeling very anxious, he went to sleep just as he does every other night. I was thrilled! Which meant that the Hubby and I could spend some quality time with my brother-in-law and wife who we were visiting, thankfully Darcie went down really well too!

I really like the Bubble Cot, we use it at home for the occasional daytime nap. On sunnier days we've been using it in the garden too as it can act as a sun canopy - so a fab multi-use product too! Our daughter has enjoyed using the Bubble Cot to play with as well. We often find that she and her brother are in there and she is reading to him, or they pretend they're camping. But, what I love even more is that it's super easy to use and doesn't take up much room when not needed, which is perfect for us as we're limited on space.

This is the perfect addition for parents who enjoy travelling - I even think it would be amazing camping or attending festivals.

Round Up

  • Lightweight
  • Built in zip up black out/sun blind which blocks 93% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Folds easily into a compact carry bag
  • Ideal for use at home, in the garden, on the beach, holidays

  • None

Is there anything that worries you when travelling with little ones? Do you have any tips to make travelling with children in tow easier?

Mummy B xoxox

*I was sent the Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot as a part of my welcome pack as Koo-di Blogger of the year. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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