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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Boy's Gift Guide Age 0-7

Before I had Henry I knew very little about the world of boys. When I was first pregnant I was surrounded by a sea of pretty pink girly things when we found out we were expecting a girl. I was comforted in a way because I knew girls. Birthday's and Christmas's have always been easy when buying for a girl. Be it clothes, dolls, craft items, cuddly toys - I was in my comfort zone. So when I had Henry, although I was blown away with happiness, I was entering new territory. 

I have always found boy's difficult to buy for, be it for my hubby, Dad or brother, I have always ended up asking them what they would like. Because for me, I'm pretty clueless. Chatting with other mum's of boy's it would appear I'm not alone, so here are a few gift idea's for the little guy's of your lives from 0 through to 7.

#1 You can't go wrong with a soft and snuggly zebra (£9.95)! My son has something very similar and it's perfect for little hands and has brought him a lot of comfort in the last eight months.

#2 Wooden toys. I just can't resist them. This beautiful wooden tractor/farm set (£35) will go down a storm with any little boy. In fact, I think my own little girl would adore it too.

#3 Ah hoy! A water table fit for any budding pirate (£79.99). This is such a cool table, and though it's slightly pricey, it's good quality and one that the whole family can enjoy.

#4 Role Play is a popular past time amongst children. Be like dad with this nifty builder's tool kit (£29.99).

#5 So although this gift guide is aimed at boys, this castle is something my daughter is desperate for ever since she saw it in our local toy store (£22.49).  I'm thinking this would be the perfect gift for siblings to play with.

#6 Most boy's love zooming around, well at least all of our neighbours seem too! They spend hours at the weekend zooming up and down our road on their scooters. This particular scooter, is £29.99 so won't break the bank.

#7 Keeping with the speedy theme, these uber cool Proline Skates are a sure fire way to make them stand out from the crowd (£49.95). I love the look of these, they seem like they would be perhaps easier (and safer?) than traditional skates.

Do you find buying gift's difficult?

Mummy B xoxox

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