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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Packing Tips for a Family Villa Holiday

Villa Holidays are becoming a more popular choice amongst families. Having your own space, meal times (no rush to get down in time for breakfast), and often your own pool really appeals to parents. Whilst we have stayed in hotels with the children before, a cottage or villa would always be my number one choice. 

So if you're thinking of having a villa holiday, what should you be packing?

Clothes - Pack light. One of the wonderful things about villa holidays is that you can do your own washing, so that means you can never run out of clothes. Music to my ears when you're a mum of a messy baby boy. Plus it may also save on that humongous amount of washing that would normally accumulate when you get back home. It may be worth packing a couple of laundry tabs too.

Food - Perhaps pack your children's favourite snacks that perhaps you may not find abroad (not fresh snacks obviously!). Of course head to your nearest supermarket once you arrive, but try not to go too mad that you have lots of leftovers. Ziplock bags can also be very useful, for opened cheese or meat or if you're wanting to take snacks out with you like carrot sticks, apples, crackers etc.

Entertainment - A great thing about a villa is that you can entertain at "home". Whether it be chilling by your private pool, or having a rainy day with a board game or too. It is worth checking with your provider to see what things are already there, like games, DVD's, or pool toys. If not why not pack a few of your children's favourite films, toys or board games? Remember you'll have extra room in your suitcase if you've gone light in the clothing department.

Baby Equipment - Many villas will have cots, stair gates, sterilisers, high chair's etc, but this is something you need to check with each individual villa. Of course, there are items which you may wish to take, like a travel cot. The Sun & Sleep Pop-up  Travel Bubble cot is a great choice for villa holidays as it can easily be placed into a suitcase and doubles up as a cot and sun canopy. 

Extras - Ipads and Laptops may also come in handy. For me, I would take both as the Ipad is great for entertaining the little ones when they've run out of energy and need a bit of downtime. Be sure to pack socket adaptors and all the relevant chargers.

Have you and your family been on a villa holiday? What would you recommend when packing?

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Mummy B xoxox

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