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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

5 Gold Medal Worthy Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day is on the horizon and with only a few days to go until the day of all things Dad arrives, the race is on to find a gift to delight Dad and thank him for all he’s done in the past year. 
Father’s Day is about cherishing the memories spent with Dad, and as these gifts prove you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to show him how special he really is. Take inspiration with these five gift ideas that’ll be sure to make Dad smile on Sunday morning

The Funbox
Dad can sometimes get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to doing what they want in the house, and with the Euros on TV at the moment why not let him catch up on the football and gift him a ‘funbox’ with some of his favourite things in to enjoy alongside the games.
Take a small wooden box or even a cardboard bottle holder and pack it full with a beer or two, some crisps, sweet treats, and of course the remote too! You could even include a book or DVD and leave him to enjoy his boy’s day in.

Photo Album
These days our phones are our lifelines and with many of us using them to take and store every photo we snap, we can sometimes be guilty of leaving them on our phone where we don’t always get to take a look at them. 
Printing them off and placing them around the house can add a personal touch to the home and give you some happy memories to look at in every room. Why not gather up a selection of family photos and print them off, you could gift them to Dad in a presentation box like this oneto make it extra special too. 

Dad’s Day Out
If you want to make the most of the day, you could always treat Dad to a big day out. You could either plan it as a big surprise and only reveal what he’s doing in the morning, or ask him what activity he’d like to do on the day instead. 
If you want to make sure the whole family are involved then you could visit a local museum or head into London to see the sights. Many restaurants will offer Father’s Day deals so there’ll be plenty of foodie options too – you just may need to remember to book in advance!

Home Cooked Delights 
Dad’s aren’t always known for being the best in the kitchen (lucky you if he is) and with food often cited as the way to everyone’s heart, whipping him up some home cooked treats is sure to get you in the good books. 
Make his favourite meal, or pick some child friendly recipe ideas so that the kids can get involved too. Nothing needs to be perfect as that homemade touch will give it that crafted with love look.

Gadgets Galore
If you do want to break the budget then gadgets are a sure-fire way to get Dads attention, but there are some low budget options which are just as cool, and allow you to get creative whilst you’re making it. Why not have a go at making a DIY smartphone projector. It will only cost you around £5 to purchase the bits and bobs you need (providing you already have a smartphone you can use). Plus, afterwards you can enjoy watching a film on the big screen.

Father’s Day isn’t about big budget gifts, so instead focus on showing Dad just how special he is. Spending time with someone is a gift that creates memories for a lifetime. 

Mummy B xoxo 

*Guest Post

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