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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Henry at 10 Months

We've reached double figures, Henry is ten months old. I just can not believe that it's only two months till his first birthday, and yet being a family of four just feels so right, like it's always been this way. It's funny how that works. 

I have to admit there is very little to report this month. He still has just the two teeth. He is still crawling around at the speed of light. He confidence cruising around the furniture is growing and he's starting to let go and stand independently. I'm sure this means walking will soon be on the agenda. 

He still loves his food and is eating more and more of our favourite meals. For saying he only has two teeth, he is very confident when handling new food and textures. Taking part in the #stresslessweaning programme has really highlighted just how much you should let them lead the way. 

He now says Mama, Dada, and this month he's started saying Lala which we think is Lady and baba for bye bye. Darcie is getting a little disappointed that he isn't saying her name - but perhaps the Dada's may be Darcie too? He has grown into such a chatter box this month. I was getting a little worried as Darcie was so much more of a chatterbox at this stage, but he is coming on perfectly. Really experimenting with words and sounds. 

He understands so much more now. He understands no to a point, though will cheekily carry on most of the time. If I tell him he's a clever boy he will now clap himself which I find completely adorable. Also, he will wave goodbye and say "baba" when I head off to work - makes going to work a lot easier knowing he's a happy chappy!

The clinginess I mentioned last month has seemingly disappeared, so I'm thinking it was just teething thankfully. In fact, he has seemingly grown in confidence quite a bit this month, chatting to those around him waving to all the ladies at the supermarket. He's quite the charmer!

Love you little man.

Mummy B xoxox

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