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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sometimes It's OK to Put Yourself First + Giveaway

Being a busy mum of two sometimes I can end up neglecting myself. I can go months and months without treating myself because I always put the kids first. Up until a few weeks ago, the last time I dyed or cut my hair was over a year ago. Whilst you might think "what mamma doesn't put their kids first?", I have started to come round to the idea that, actually, it is ok to sometimes put yourself first. A frazzled mamma is not a mamma who is at their best. Your children deserve you at your best. 

A month a go I decided that I was going to start looking after me just that little bit more. I went and had the afternoon with my hairdresser and she completely restyled my hair, giving myself a completely new look. It's amazing how by just having your hair done it can instantly give you a new lease of confidence and attitude. I won't be letting my hair needs slip in the future. Having good hair appears to be good for my soul! Plus four hours away from the kids whilst I'm being pampered is pretty blissful.

I have also given my wardrobe a little makeover, taking full advantage of the sales. My body has changed yet again since having my son, Henry, and so whilst a lot of my clothes fit, they didn't suit my new shape. I also picked up a gorgeous new backpack from ASOS. If you'd like to see a little haul of the bit's a pieces I have picked up, then let me know. I love a good haul video!

Back in the day, I would also happily wear heels pretty much all day every day. Working in a shoe shop whilst I was studying basically enabled me to indulge in this obsession. Since becoming a mum, even my feet have changed! Some of my beautiful stiletto shoes now feel far too tight on my now wide feet, and that's without even having to try and walk in them again. So, now I have purchased a few new pairs that are comfy and stylish. I was even sent a pair to review that are heels, but heels I could actually walk in! 

This beautiful pair of wedges from Wolky have been perfect for summer. Unbelievably comfortable and go with so many outfits. Wolky pride themselves on giving you the best quality and unbelievable comfort (perfect for us busy mums) and these shoes really haven't disappointed. The real leather material literally fits my feet like a glove and I have been wearing them religiously for the past month. Wearing heels has given me a confidence boost again, and reminded me that even though I'm now a mum - I can still look good whilst chasing after my kids!

Something else I used to indulge on was perfect nails. I loved painting them regularly or paying to have them done professionally, but trying to find the time to see my nail technician was near on impossible. So I decided to purchase my own gel nail kit, and taught myself how to do the perfect nails at home. Amazingly doing your own gel nails isn't actually take that difficult, nor does it take much time to do. Plus they dry instantly so if the kids happen to wake up in the evening, I can see to them without having my manicure messed up. 

These seem like pretty simple things to do, but for so long I had always put off treating myself because I would feel guilty. Guilty for taking time out for me, or spending money on me - but I honestly feel like I have a new lease of life, just that little bit more confidence in myself than I did before. I'm not saying you need to go out and spend a fourtune. Just every now and then do something that is just for you. Enjoy it, because you deserve it. 

If you fancy treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, then why not enter my latest giveaway? The lovely guys at Wolky have given my readers the opportunity to win a pair of Wolky Shoes from their summer collection. Just follow instructions below.

Mummy B xoxox

*Shoes were sent for the purpose of the review, all thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Competition is for UK entrants only,


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