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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Top five family-friendly dog breeds

As you will know if you're a regular reader, I love dogs. We have our beautiful labrador, Lady and often think what life would be like with two. But with the kids being as young as they are, I don’t feel right about getting another one just yet. Right now, I feel like I devote all my time and energy to the children and lady, keeping the household ticking over. Plus, I would feel terrible about bringing a puppy into the family and not being able to give it the constant attention that it will undoubtedly need.

I know that in a couple of years though when the children are a little older, our family may be ready to welcome its another furry member into the fold. With this in mind, I can’t help but look at the top family-friendly breeds out there – enjoy!

  1. Golden Retriever
Who could have a family-friendly dog list without the loyal Golden Retriever right at the top? Aside from being completely beautiful with their long golden-blonde coats, they’re well-known for their patience, which is particularly important to me with the kids. They’re a highly intelligent breed too, so I’m sure my other half would take delight in teaching them a few tricks.

  1. Beagle
I recently saw some Beagle puppies for sale in Manchester and absolutely fell in love with them. Being a smaller dog, I think the Beagle might be a little easier to manage for our hectic little family, but that doesn’t mean they’d be boring. As they were originally bred for hunting, they love the outdoors and exploring new places, just like the kids. Beagles also have a very calm temperament which again would mean they’d fit right into our family – I think they’d be the perfect pet to come home to after a bad day at the office.

  1. Newfoundland
These may be huge dogs but they really are gentle giants. Originally used as nanny dogs to look after the children while the parents were out, I couldn’t imagine a pet I’d trust my children with more! They’re another breed that’s known for their intelligence, but they’re also terrific swimmers, even having webbed paws, so I’m sure they won’t mind wading through muddy puddles on long walks.

  1. Irish Setter
These are another larger dog breed, but I just love how stunning they are. Their fiery trademark red coat is hard to miss, but this dog is also known for being highly energetic. Based on my kids’ personalities now, I’d say this would be a perfect pet match for them, as they’re just as playful and sociable as an Irish Setter. Plus, I’d be able to give more attention to a pet in a few years’ time, and this breed loves being around it’s family.

  1. Bulldog
I find these dogs so cute; there’s something about the way they waddle which is just adorable, but don’t underestimate this breed. They’ll always be there for you, devoted and affectionate to every member of the family. While they won’t be the most agile of dogs, they’re perfectly happy to curl up with you and relax – that’s good enough for me!

Do you have a family-friendly pup?

Mummy B xoxox

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