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Friday, 9 September 2016

Henry at 12 Months Old

One year ago we were preparing to take Henry home, a whole year has passed since he was born. A whole year. You will tire of me saying this, but boy that year went quickly. Yesterday (his birthday) I unfortunately, had to work and so he spent the morning with his Daddy and sister at the beach. I'm told he had so much fun, and from the pictures he certainly did! In the afternoon we spent time playing with his new toys and then my family came round for tea and cake! It was lovely and relaxed and at the weekend we will continue to celebrate by taking a trip to the zoo.

So at 12 months what is Henry up too? He is walking!! I knew he would be walking before his first birthday, he's just so active and determined. He's still wobbly but is doing amazingly well. He will now happily chase his big sister around the living room and can often hear laughter from them both. They have even started doing ring a ring a roses too - heart literally melted instantly after witnessing this. Cutest thing ever.

He is starting to communicate more letting us know what he wants. He will normally point and grunt, at things and though I'm trying to coax him into telling me, typically his sister will be at his beckon call. Wrapped around his little finger. In total he now says "mama", "dada", "baba", "row row" (row, row, row your boat). He is making more sounds so I'm sure more words will follow.

Now he's one we're trying to introduce cutlery. It's not going well so far. Clearly, a spoon is for making music and not for eating. Silly mummy. Any tips for introducing cutlery would be greatly appreciated.

Talking of feeding, we're still breastfeeding! I'm so pleased we've managed to make it to a year, it's something I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do and though its been hard at times, I'm proud we've come this far. I will be writing another post about my plans for breastfeeding beyond 12 months.

It appears my boy has a fondness of cars, lions, dinosaurs and music a lot of his presents have shown this too (they clearly know him well!). To be honest I think he likes anything that involves him making loud noises! What a typical boy.

This brings this series of updates to an end. I will now move on to yearly updates, just as I did with Darcie - can't believe this stage is over. But on to new adventures of toddlerhood.

Mummy B xoxox

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