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Monday, 5 September 2016

Norfolk Coast inspired decor trends

Heavily pregnant, this time last year. Enjoying the Norfolk Coastline, Holkham.

It can be hard to find a new source of inspiration when you are looking for something a little different for a home makeover. With so many blogs telling you what is the 'in' theme this year and retailer websites trying to push you towards the shades and colours they want everyone to be buying, making a choice that reflects your own mood isn't easy.

One great way to find a perfect answer is to think of places you like to visit or times that made for happy memories and then work out how you could try to reproduce those feelings in your own home. The real trick with any decor trend is to be able to adapt it to your own environment and that's where coastal influences can come in very useful.

Your family, your home

One thing to remember is that really is no 'one size fits all' solution to home decor. Your circumstances and situations might be similar to other people but in some way they will be unique to you. That’s why choosing a coastal decorative theme can give you enough wiggle room to make a really bespoke result while giving you enough material to work with in the first place.

The Norfolk Coast

One of the most impressive regions of the UK is the Norfolk Coast, with its long windswept beaches and wonderful sense of culture and history. Coastal living themes are all about trying to capture a carefree, relaxing holiday spirit and transfer it to your own home. The key to getting it right is all in the detail. Classic motifs such as anchors and shells can be used liberally, whilst the scents and smells of the seaside can be reproduced with scented candles and in other creative ways.

Colours and shades

The atmosphere in your home can be heavily influenced by the colour schemes you choose, so having naturally inspired hues taken from classic seaside scenes, such as relaxing pale blues and crisp white, really set the tone. More colourful splashes can come from warm sand beiges, easily introduced as furniture or floor coverings, and of course candy floss pink or stick of rock red can make for a brilliant counterpoint.

Fixtures and fittings

Another way to get that authentic Norfolk Coast style is to think about how the buildings themselves are dressed. A trendy refurbished former fisherman's cottage will be far more likely to have beautiful shutters fitted, which allow the light to flood in, rather than heavy dark curtains. Likewise, kitchens will tend to be along traditional family use lines rather than sleek minimalist steel and glass set-ups more suited to an urban single-person lifestyle.

Trends that last

One of the worst mistakes to make in choosing a home decor style is to buy into the latest fad only to find that six months later the magazines and so called tastemakers have decided it has already gone past its sell by date. By choosing a classic coastal theme you are investing in a style that has a long history and that is likely to be around for many more years to come.

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